AMI/Smart Grid Assessments

AMI/Smart Grid Assessments

Renewable and Distributed Generation Technology Assessments

Providing a Wealth of Real-World Experience to Clarify the Options

New energy supply and end use technologies promise an array of benefits ranging from higher efficiency and enhanced reliability to low or zero environmental emissions. AEG’s experience with energy technologies includes all types of renewable energy generation, advanced electric and gas end-use technologies, and the complete range of distributed generation technologies. Whether evaluating a new end-use technology for utility customers or the installation of a new electric generation technology, AEG’s hands-on experience with all of these technologies provides our clients with accurate, unbiased assessments.

Technology Due Diligence

AEG’s technology due-diligence services provide a thorough review of new energy technology equipment and applications. AEG has performed this type of work for over 20 years for utility R&D departments, planning and forecasting departments, energy service companies, and end users. The range of services includes engineering and technical reviews to verify performance claims, market assessments, competitive product analysis and economic performance analysis.

Technology Integration Planning

New technologies are often a challenge to integrate into existing corporate infrastructure. Issues include adapting the technologies to interface with existing infrastructure, personnel training, marketing strategies and a host of others. AEG provides the expertise needed to facilitate new technology adoption. Examples include developing work practices and standards for customer-sited renewable energy equipment, interfacing with local codes and standards officials, equipment specification and procurement procedures, and pilot program management.