Load and Revenue Forecasting

Load and Revenue Forecasting

AEG assists electric and gas utilities with load forecasting approaches and models that address key issues facing specific markets and end uses. We offer a full suite of forecasting services, including our new fully-integrated end-use and efficiency forecasting model (LoadMAP).

Utilities have traditionally developed load forecasting models to predict capital expenditure requirements necessary to meet long-term load requirements. These models are also used to provide weather-normalized energy sales and revenue forecasts for operational planning, budgeting, and ratemaking.

In addition to understanding the influences of the economy and weather on load projections, the analyses we provide address impacts of pricing, competition, demand-side management (DSM) and new products.

Our LoadMAP end-use forecasting framework allows utilities to develop forecasts that address appliance standards, building codes, naturally occurring efficiency, emerging technologies, customer-sited renewable energy, distributed energy and electric vehicles specifically. It also allows our clients to incorporate expected savings from future energy efficiency programs.

We offer a Load Analysis Membership Service (LAMS) that helps member utilities understand and analyze specific load research and forecasting issues and stay abreast of best practices in the industry. Member utilities receive inquiry privileges, in-depth research reports, and workshops on research results.