Market Assessments and Product Development

Market Assessments and Product Development

Developing Markets and Strategies for New Technologies and Resources

Renewable energy and distributed generation technologies offer significant benefits in appropriate applications. Introducing these technologies requires careful evaluation of the potential market to insure that market needs, customer perceptions and product designs are in alignment. Using market assessments, competitive intelligence and technical experience, AEG will also develop business plans to guide the creation and delivery of new products and services focused on renewable energy and distributed generation technologies.

AEG has performed this type of work across the full spectrum of technologies, applications and clients. These include photovoltaics and wind energy, fuel cells, natural gas and diesel distributed generation, micro turbines, and combined heat and power (CHP).

Competitive Markets Assessments and Business Plan Development

AEG performs market assessments as a precursor to business planning. Our market assessments have guided the development of new energy service companies focused on distributed generation, the creation of residential and commercial photovoltaic programs for utility clients, the introduction of new services based on fuel cell technologies, and the development of completely new renewable energy systems and applications. These market assessments form the basis for hard-nosed business planning.

AEG provides detailed business planning services, including competitive analysis, personnel and training requirements, budgets, revenue forecasts and all other components of in-depth business plans. In all cases, AEG works closely with clients to insure that business plans take full account of corporate culture, available resources and expectations.