Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

AEG provides objective, reliable program evaluation to validate and document our clients' program results—helping our clients ensure that their demand-side management (DSM) programs are on track, achieving goals, and meeting resource planning requirements.

With our expertise in tracking and reporting systems, we make sure accurate and required data is collected upon implementation of a program, ensuring evaluation is both meaningful and cost effective.

We offer independent measurement and verification services that ensure accurate documentation of energy and demand savings for both gas and electric programs. We also perform market research including focus groups, surveys and interviews to support process evaluations.

Customer participation is at the heart of effective, sustainable energy efficiency and demand response programs. Methodical evaluation helps ensure that a program is on track – meeting participation and savings targets and identifying where improvements can be made to better meet those targets and respond to changing market conditions. We conduct the research and collect the data to help utilities and governments better understand their target markets and to generate actionable plans that can improve customer satisfaction and encourage program participation. 

Tracking is a critical piece of DSM programs that can be difficult to get right, and is sometimes completely overlooked when designing the program. We offer a number of solutions for our clients. We can assist in the development of functional requirements for tracking applications and participate as the owner's representative as the application is being developed. We also ensure the system is delivered according to the clients' specifications. AEG also offers our hosted tracking system, VisionDSM.