Project Design and Installation Support

Project Design and Installation Support

Knowledge That Comes Only From Hands-On Experience

The most important feature separating AEG from other consulting firms is our unparalleled, hands-on experience with renewable energy and distributed generation technologies, projects and programs. This foundation provides the basis for experienced and innovative implementation services. AEG can support our clients with services ranging from regulatory filings and individual project studies to full turn-key program implementation.

Program Design and Management

Successful implementation of new renewable energy and distributed generation programs is dependent on proper program design and management. AEG has provided extensive implementation services for utility clients in all areas of renewable and distributed generation technology programs. These include developing program rules, incentive structures, and marketing strategies. AEG’s regulatory experience also provides support for clients in program filings, testimony and other aspects of program approval.

Project Analysis

AEG provides complete project feasibility and economic analysis for all types of renewable energy and distributed generation projects at all stages of development. Our feasibility assessments consider capital costs, long-term operating costs, equipment performance over time, fuel and resource costs and all other technical and economic project components. AEG will use the most appropriate framework for project analysis to insure that proper consideration of rates, incentives, and government subsidies are included.

Procurement, Design and Installation Support

In addition to program design and analysis, AEG also offers a full range of implementation services. AEG will specify and procure equipment, secure engineering and installation services, provide training for contractors and utility personnel, monitor project installation, verify equipment performance and support all other aspects of program implementation. On behalf of our clients, AEG has successfully implemented programs targeting residential and commercial photovoltaics, microturbines, fuel cells and distributed generation, including customer-sited combined heat and power applications.