Renewable Technology

Renewable Technology

Meeting the Challenges of Energy and Environment through New Technologies

The environmental and economic challenges of tomorrow are being addressed today. New technologies and energy resources, like wind, solar and fuel cells, which reduce environmental impacts, are developing rapidly. Successful energy companies will embrace the challenges inherent in these technologies and resources, and offer new solutions that enhance environmental stewardship and improve cost-effectiveness.

AEG’s Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Group looks forward to working with you to ensure the success of your organization’s efforts to investigate, develop and deploy these exciting new technologies and resources. We provide services in the following areas to support Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation:

Technology Assessments

We conduct technical due diligence and assessments to evaluate the merits of specific technologies, resources and projects.

Market Assessments and Product Development

We examine potential markets, applications and products utilizing renewable and distributed generation technologies to insure that strategic business and technical goals are reached.

Research and Development

We provide focused R&D program support, including assessments of funding, competitive grant writing, program design and management.

Project Design and Installation Support

We support clients’ needs for technical expertise during design and installation to insure that projects meet both technical and economic expectations.