Research and Development

Research and Development

Converting Promise into Practicality

Significant time and money are being expended to support research and development for renewable energy and distributed generation technologies. In addition to general R&D support, AEG provides focused support for renewable energy and distributed generation. AEG’s services are:

Funding Assessments and Grant Writing

A range of programs are available for renewable energy and distributed generation technologies to support their development. Competitive federal and state government R&D programs provide sources of funding that can leverage valuable internal resources. Many of these programs require significant expenditures of time and internal manpower in order to develop and submit proposals. AEG’s experience in R&D program funding and grant development provides the resources needed to successfully compete for these funding opportunities.

Program Design and Management

Any R&D effort requires a disciplined approach in order to maintain its focus and insure that shareholders, customers and potential partners receive value for their investment. This applies as much to R&D investments in renewables and distributed generation as it does elsewhere. AEG provides the experience to help energy companies develop focused, well managed renewable energy and distributed generation R&D programs. AEG’s experience is based on years of R&D program management, technology development and implementation.