Turnkey Program Implementation

Turnkey Program Implementation

AEG implements turnkey energy efficiency and demand response programs that deliver exceptional results, positioning our clients as valued partners in helping their customers reach energy management, environmental control, and cost reduction goals.

As experienced program designers with a strong implementation team, we are uniquely qualified to develop and launch programs quickly. We are open to either initiating implementation and then training the utility's own employees to take over once the program is running smoothly, or continuing as implementers for the longer term.

Our expertise and experience in turnkey program implementation encompasses energy efficiency and demand response programs. We work with our clients to successfully implement the following program implementation activities:

We work closely with utility account managers and trade allies to engage customers face-to-face.

Facility Assessments
Our engineers identify and assess projects, present business cases to customers, and facilitate interactions between customers and vendors.

Program Administration
We perform all program tracking and reporting.

Incentive Processing
We process customer incentive payments on behalf of the utility.

Customized Website
We have integrated the latest e-business practices into program design and marketing. Many of the programs that we implement for our utility clients include customized websites that reduce overall program costs, improve marketing and provide customers and participants with exceptional service.

We use our own tracking system that provides a proven framework  to manage the entire DSM program life-cycle from developing program requirements, specifying operating rules, processing applications, supporting the rebate processing and payment processes and delivering reports for program managers and regulators.