Earth Day 2023

Getting out of the office to give back to our community in celebration of Earth Day!

Islandia office team members Tim Maslak, Steven Becker, Ian Molloy, Jenivive Forte, and Manny Moreno, along with 45 other volunteers, spent Earth Day helping with the removal of invasive plant species at the Westbrook conservation site. The plants (Asian phragmites), when left unchecked, can overrun the area. Dozens of native plants are re-establishing themselves at the site, including many state-rare and unique species. The phragmites can potentially shade and crowd out the unique native plants and habitat at West Brook; therefore, must be removed regularly to ensure this unique space can continue to flourish!
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The NJ office participated in their annual beach clean up to celebrate. The team was able to fill up seven bags of trash in our efforts to keep NJ beaches, dunes, and ocean as clean as possible!