Black Hills EV Program Design


Black Hills Energy


Electric Vehicle Program Design

Challenge & Opportunity


  • A Colorado Senate bill was passed to allow and encourage public utilities to develop and implement an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure program.
  • Programs must be cost-effective and in the public interest in order to be approved.
    Cost-effectiveness for EV programs can be difficult to achieve.



  • Develop a custom methodology that analyzes cost-effectiveness in a complete perspective that shows the true costs and benefits of EV infrastructure.


AEG characterized savings from EV charging infrastructure from two sources:

  • Energy savings achieved through more efficient EV charging stations.
  • Converting gasoline savings into an energy equivalent savings from the associated EVs.

The creative solution of converting gasoline savings to kWh savings was integral to making the program cost-effective and a key driver for the approval of the program.

AEG used its proprietary program modeling tool, BenCost, to complete the cost-effectiveness analysis used in the regulatory filing.


  • Black Hills Energy filed their Ready EV program with a cost-effective program based on the analysis performed by AEG.
  • AEG performed a successful analysis that was included in testimony by Black Hills and used in the filing/case as evidence for the approval of its plan.

Final approval from the Commission is still pending.

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