Kelly Marrin is the Vice President of AEG’s Services. With more than 15 years of utility industry experience, including traditional EM&V of DSM programs, market research, and advanced analytics. Her expertise includes impact and process evaluation of DSM programs, statistical analysis, econometric modeling, sample design, utility load forecasting, and technical writing.

Kelly has a wide range of experience with impact and process evaluation approaches. She is currently directing the evaluation of several clean energy focused projects and portfolio-level energy efficiency evaluations. She also and manages AEG’s engagement as the independent evaluation measurement and verification contractor with a public utility commission, including verification of statewide savings and a statewide baseline and potential assessment. Kelly has a technical focus on DR impact evaluation. She has directed the ex-post and ex-ante impact analysis of two statewide Demand Response programs, Capacity Bidding and the Non-Residential Critical Peak Pricing Programs, as well as the ex-post and ex-ante impact evaluation of a dynamic pricing program portfolio. She also has expertise in both DR program design and potential analysis, having participated in numerous DR potential studies with various clients.

Kelly is an active member and instructor for the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC), and active with the Peak Load Management Association, ACEEE and the Western Load Research Association (WLRA). She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Economics from California State University in Fullerton and lives and works in San Luis Obispo County, California.