Kenny Maslak is the Vice President of Product Management & Development at AEG.

Kenny has over 20 years of experience in systems development. He has an extensive background in application programming, networking, server and infrastructure design, systems development and integration, database administration, consulting, and project management.

Kenny has provided consulting services to companies in systems analysis, system development, technology and vendor identification, specification and implementation, ASP development, and identification and technical analysis of licensed and ASP CIS alternatives. He is the lead application and database framework designer for the VisionDSM ™ workflow management system. AEG’s premier SaaS offering which administers all aspects of DSM Program creation and management.

Kenny manages the development and hosting of multiple internet-based back-office applications for both municipal and investor-owned utilities, and he is responsible for the management, integration, and security of all of AEG’s computer-based systems and networks.