Pilots, Pilots, Pilots: How OG&E is Breaking Ground (Again)

Clean Energy Transition Pilots Overview

Nearly a decade ago, OG&E broke new ground with SmartHours, the first variable peak pricing program for residential customers. With four new pilots planned for implementation in 2022 through 2024, OG&E is set up to do it again. Each pilot aligns with the Clean Energy Transition focused on equity, carbon, or grid integration, including:

(1) a Schools Renewable Technology Pilot that features solar and storage technologies and energy management systems in schools,

(2) a Corridor EVSE Battery Pilot that aims to deploy energy storage solutions to run in parallel with the grid during the fast-charging cycles (e.g., highway, fleet, and class A truck charging) to effectively shift load during peak times,

(3) a Low-Income Enhancement Pilot that introduces a repair-to-qualify initiative to lower program disqualifications and adds three additional measures to the current program offerings: HVAC, window AC, and water heater load control, and

(4) a Residential Managed Flexible Load Pilot that tests applying smart control algorithms to electric devices to procure peak demand reduction, clean energy, fuel savings, and overall system capacity savings.

This presentation focuses on each pilot’s key research goals, implementation strategy, and evaluation approaches. OG&E and AEG also provide a sneak peek of any preliminary results.

Utility-Scale Battery Pilot

Managed Flexible Load Technology Pilot

Schools Renewable Technology Pilot

WRAP Enhancement Pilot

Weatherization Residential Assistance Program

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